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Interior Painting

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Olde World Painting sets the standard when it comes to interior painting services. We are the only company providing free consultations with an interior designer to make sure you select the right palette of colors, helping you turn your home into the beautiful masterpiece it can be.

Olde World Painting also provides the following custom painting services: Faux finishes for walls which add texture to a room, custom staining for trim and cabinetry work, and other specialty finishes. Our expertise allows us to work with various surfaces, using different techniques and tools, including but not limited to brush, roller, spray, and trowels. We also appreciate customers who want to use “green” products, and offer a number of different low VOC paints.

Interior Painter Northern Virginia

Painting the interior of your home requires an extra level of preparation to ensure the best possible job is done. We have developed a routine that guarantees a neat, clean, professional paint job.

  • Plastic and fabric drop cloths are used to cover furnishings, carpets, tile and hardwood floors.
  • Furniture is moved to the center of the room and covered.
  • Switch plates and outlet covers are removed.
  • Primer is applied to conceal any ceiling or wall stains.
  • All nail holes and small cracks will be repaired.
  • Caulking of all wood trim where required.

Olde World Painting – Northern Virginia Interior Painting Specialist

Call Now (703) 690-8906